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Interviews on the Radio and the Web

photo of Graham Bullock Earlier this year, I participated in a panel discussion on A Healthier Charlotte, focusing on “Environmental Health in the Queen City,” with Dr. Jessica Braswell from Queens University.  Moderating the panel was a Davidson graduate, Bobby DeMuro, who has organized a great range of discussions on this web TV show, which is hosted on CLTBlog.com.   You can watch the episode here, which begins with a panel with two veterans of the Charlotte environmental scene, and then starts with our panel at 18:54 in the video.

In a separate interview later in the year, I also did a one-on-one interview with Mr. DeMuro, which had the more specific topic of “Climate Change in Charlotte.”  We covered some of the same topics, but also touched on some other ones as well in our 10 minute discussion.  You can access the interview at http://bobbydemuro.com/work/wbt/ — just click on my name under the March 18 show date, which will open to where you can download the mp3 of the interview.

It has been fun getting plugged in more to the Charlotte scene, and learning more about the health and environment issues the city is facing.  Charlotte has been growing rapidly in recent years, which has brought a lot of great benefits to the city, but that growth has also created some complex challenges, such as how to deal with increasing smog levels, decreasing air quality, and greater traffic congestion.  The city’s leaders are working hard to find smart and sustainable ways to tackle these challenges, and I hope that we see the benefits of these efforts in the months and years to come.