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UC Berkeley Graduation!

photo of Graham BullockEarlier this month, I submitted my dissertation and finished all of my requirements for earning my PhD from UC Berkeley!  The commencement ceremony was last weekend, and fortunately it didn’t get rained on.  It was a little long, but everyone was in a celebratory mood, and the keynote speaker Amory Lovins provided a good send-off to the graduates.  It was a nice completion to a multi-year process that is finally complete!

This fall I will be starting as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Politics at Davidson College, which is just north of Charlotte, NC.  It is a joint position in Political Science and Environmental Studies, and will allow me to teach a broad range of courses directly related to my interests.  It will also enable to continue my research on corporate sustainability, product eco-labels, and the interfaces between government, civil society, business, and the environment.  I am very much looking forward to getting started at Davidson — if you are in the area and have overlapping interests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!