Tenure at Davidson College!

Davidson photoOn August 1, I officially became a tenured Associate Professor at Davidson College!  After six years of pushing through the tenure process, it was very rewarding to receive news earlier this spring from Davidson’s Dean of the Faculty, Wendy Raymond, that I would be granted tenure.  I appreciated having the opportunity to go through this process with my colleagues Jess Good, Brad Johnson, and Andrew O’Geen, who arrived at Davidson the same year I did and also received tenure.

All of my colleagues in the Political Science and Environmental Studies Departments (as well as in many other departments as well!) were incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the process, and I appreciate all of their advice and insights along the way.  Now having achieved this important milestone, I am looking forward to continuing to work with Davidson’s amazing students, faculty, and staff in a wide range of areas, from researching sustainability information to teaching environmental politics to encouraging greater civic engagement.  Stay tuned for further updates on these and other fronts…:)

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