Academy of Management in Anaheim

AOMLogo-ReverseWithKnockOutType-8(1)While I’m it sure wasn’t as fun-filled as the Disneyland attractions across the street from my hotel, I nevertheless very much enjoyed attending the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Anaheim earlier this month.   I went to some great panels on corporate sustainability, and was surprised by the range of topics and fields covered in the papers presented.  Sessions I attended included “The Institutional Turn in CSR,” “The Value of Values for Organization Theory,” “The Use of Technology and Mobile Apps to Teach Corporate Sustainability,” “Time and Sustainability,” “Stakeholders through the Value Chain,” and “Entrepreneurship and Sustainability,” among others.  Definitely learned a lot, and met a great number of cool people doing some fascinating work.

I presented a paper I’ve been working on with one of my students, Philip Yu ’16, on the mental budgeting and organic food preferences.  We showed using a survey experiment that people who are told that they can credit the extra costs of organic food to either their philanthropy or personal health budgets are more likely to indicate an intention to buy organic food.  I got some great feedback on the paper from other participants in the session, and we are looking forward to revising and submitting it soon.

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