The Popularity of Information-Based Governance Strategies

A major component of my current research is focused on better understanding the relative popularity of the wide range of environmental evaluation initiatives that exist today.  Through a rigorous coding process using the qualitative coding software MaxQDA, I have collected data from nearly 2500 webpages from over 240 eco-label and green rating websites.  I have also collected data about the popularity of these initiatives, and am conducting regression analyses to identify whether any of the characteristics of these programs predict their popularity.  I have also conducted an online survey of over 600 consumers that asks them about their perceptions of a wide range of eco-labels and green ratings, and I have conducted over 70 interviews with government officials, non-profit representatives, academic researchers, and consumers about their perceptions of environmental ratings and certifications.  I have also completed an in-depth case study of 12 eco-labels and ratings that are relevant to the electronics sector.  This data provides the basis for a wide range of innovative analyses and new conclusions regarding the key factors driving the popularity of these programs and their long-term evolution as a form of governance and management.

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