Strategic Management of Information-Based Initiatives

How do firms manage the information-based initiatives they create, and how internal and external audiences make use of them?  How do they manage their responses to information provided by other actors, and their relationships with those actors?  And how effective are these management strategies perceived to be?  To address these questions in my future research, I plan to select a set of case studies from my dissertation’s sample of information-based programs for more in-depth analysis of their underlying dynamics.  I will select cases on a sector-by-sector basis, as my research on the electronics industry has found that these programs should be assessed in the context of related initiatives that may be either undermining or complementing their work.  I will utilize data from the extensive interviews, document coding, and surveys I have conducted, as well as conduct new research where appropriate.  My goal is to see how different management decisions, and in particular stakeholder engagement strategies, may be driving the popularity and perceived effectiveness of information-based strategies within different sectors.  Insights from this research will not only be relevant to the literature on environmental management and sustainability, but will be broadly relevant to the fields of corporate strategy and organizational behavior.

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