AESS in San Diego!

AESS logoEver since my first year at Davidson, I’ve been teaching a course called Environmental Social Sciences, which is a required foundation course for our environmental studies major and minor.  Given its breadth and complexity, it has gone through several iterations — the first time I taught it (with Matt Samson) we organized it around different issues and problems, while the second time I took a more thematic approach, organizing the syllabus around major themes such as power, markets, and culture.  The challenge with such a course is how to effectively bridge the many social science disciplines that deal with environmental challenges — without getting spread too thin.  I thought it might be useful to systematically look at how other teacher/scholars have come at this problem, and I presented the results of my exploration at the 2015 annual conference of the Association of Environmental Studies and Science (AESS). It was held on the UC San Diego campus, and I continue to find it a great opportunity to meet and share ideas with colleagues from a diversity of disciplines and interests.  If you are interested, you can view my presentation below.

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