Duke University Political Science Department Seminar Series

Duke campusLast month, I had the opportunity to present a paper at Duke University’s Behavior and Institutions (B&I) Seminar Series.  The series is hosted by the Political Science Department at Duke, and held in their beautiful new space in Gross Hall (right).  I presented the paper on carbon taxes that I am working on with Alex Theodoridis and had presented in DC at the Dupont Summit.  We had made some significant revisions to it since then, and were looking forward to getting comments from a more academic audience.

Turnout at the seminar was great, and included a mix of graduate students, post-docs, and faculty members.  I had invited a few faculty members from outside political science and around campus who I thought might be interested in our work, and was glad to see that several colleagues from the Energy Initiative, Nicholas School, Law School, and Business School were able to attend.  I received some very insightful comments about the paper that will help guide our next round of revisions.  They also pointed to some interesting directions for future research, which we look forward to following up on as well.

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